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Mock ST3 Interview

Mock ENT ST3 Interview

1 hour, full-length mock ENT ST3 interview with the ENT Insights Team.

The aim of this course is to provide an additional opportunity for attendee's to practice their interview technique and receive personalised feedback for further personal development.

Designed for candidates aiming to rank within the top 10% of applicants to ENT ST3 and secure their first-choice deanery. Delivered exclusively by ENT ST3 registrars who have achieved their first choice deanery at national selection.

Simulated interview conditions with high fidelity clinical, professional and communication scenarios. Attendees will receive personalised written and verbal feedback in addition to an example of a model answer for each scenario.


Price - £150

Limited availability - only 2 spaces remaining

Date - arranged at a time to suit you


Suitable for all prospective ENT ST3 applicants. 

All attendees will have access to the ENT Insights community, enabling them to collaborate with and receive shared resources from other prospective candidates. 

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