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Operating Theatre

Core Surgical Training Interview Course

This intensive full day online course will give you the insights needed to ace the CST interview. Taught by a previous applicant that ranked 1st in the country in their CST interview and gained full marks in the clinical and management stations. 

This course aims to give you the structure, knowledge and key points to help you get top marks in your CST interview. Our faculty will give you model answers, take you through how to organise your responses, and provide tailored feedback on your performance. ​

Next Course - November 2024

Price - £150

Suitable for Medical Students, Foundation Doctors, Clinical Fellows and International Medical Graduates.

All attendees will have access to the Surgical Insights community, enabling them to collaborate with and receive shared resources from other prospective candidates

Candidates who book onto the Core Surgical Training Interview Course will be eligible for a 10% discount on the Surgical Portfolio Course.

Self Assessment

Clinical and Management Scenario Workshops

Focused lectures detailing techniques and important information to get across at your interview.

Areas covered include:

  • Teaching on how to structure your answers to help enable you to answer any scenario 

  •  Teaching on common guidelines and managements 

  • How to score full marks in the interview stations

High Score

Learning By Example 

The Surgical Insights team know how to achieve 100% in the CST clinical and management stations. We strongly believe 'working smarter, not harder' is the key to success.

Our course will involve:​

  • Model answers with step by step responses to common interview questions

  • Tailored feedback on your interview responses with high yield tips on how to improve your score 


Mock Clinical and Management Interviews

You will have the opportunity to perfect your technique and gain personalised written and verbal feedback from our high scoring faculty

Our course will allow you to:

  • Practice your interview technique under high fidelity simulated interview conditions

  • Observe other candidate's answers and learn how to avoid common pitfalls

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